About Us

Market is a lifestyle brand that moves at the speed of the internet to mash up pop culture and streetwear in a powerful combination made deadly with collaborations with some of the industry’s biggest players. Its limited edition drops generate products and ideas that move from concept to sell-out in just a few hours by designing, producing and launching products in real time from its Los Angeles atelier. Market removes the barriers between good ideas and successful business by blurring the line between collaborators and customers. It helps creatives, dreamers and misfits bring their ideas to market, providing entry into the exclusive worlds of design and streetwear with education, resources and mentoring. 

Market was founded by Mike Cherman, who got his professional start with a guerrilla campaign that caught the attention of sneaker industry god Jeff Staple and briefly landed him in jail. Cherman went on to design the KITH logo, hone his skills at Nike’s 255 Custom Lab and launch cult streetwear brand ICNY. Market has attracted top collaborators like Converse, Puma, Lacoste and Cole Haan and celebrity fans that include Erykah Badu, YG, Jay-Z and LeBron James.